Google announces ‘Google Pay,’ a merge of Android Pay and Google Wallet

As most of you know, Google often times comes off a bit odd in their decision-making to have several apps serve one purpose. It has been the case with messenger and video chat apps, and wireless payment apps too. In a move the search giant has made at CES 2018, the Android Pay and Google Wallet payment services have merged, and the result is “Google Pay.”


In the past, Google has shied away from making any announcements during CES. But this year, Google Assistant and Google Pay are making headlines. The merge is official and taking place now, combining the likes of Android Pay and Google Wallet into one service under the name Google Pay. The new single brand will also comprise one’s payment info stored in Chrome as well as payment info used to pay for items on Google’s Play Store. This should be a good change and the move makes all the sense in the world, since there was never really a purpose for having two separate apps in the first place.

This will also eliminate any confusion consumers have between the two. “Google Pay,” reaffirms that Google wants all its hardware and software branded under “Google” and not “Android.” Similar to how we’re seeing Pixel replace Nexus in all aspects of our life. This is because “Google” and “Pixel” likely resonate as more premium and popular among the masses over “Android” and “Nexus.”

We’re expecting a new Google Pay app to take place of the current Android Pay and Google Wallet apps. Though unconfirmed, this would be the best way to combine everything into one payment hub, similar to what we have for Google’s Home app, which combines Chromecast, Android TV and Google speakers into one. The Google Pay rollout across stores, apps, and products is happening now and will continue “over the coming weeks.”

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