Google celebrates World Emoji Day by bringing back the blob faces

Tuesday was World Emoji Day. It was a day to remember the coming of the emoji faces and symbols we’ve become so accustomed to over the years throughout various communications apps. How the holiday came about, we don’t know, but companies including Google actually celebrated the emoji holiday.

I don’t recall any emoji day from year’s past, but it was apparently a thing and here’s what happened this year. Google brought back its discontinued blob face emoji from earlier versions of the Android operating system. Not only were the faces brought back, but all the “blob” emoji symbols were brought back. While many people fell in love with these blob-shaped emoji at the time they were popular, they have since been replaced by fully round emoji. In bringing the blob emoji back, Google announced a sticker pack for Gboard (the Google Keyboard) so those who like them may continue to use them along the new ones but in the form of stickers. This is a bit different from before since they’re not the default, but at least the option is there for those who want it.

There’s no telling how long the old emoji will stay. The sticker pack could be permanent, meaning you could download it at any time and store the icons on your Android device for use with messaging apps like Android Messages. You’ll still be able to send blob emoji to friends, they’ll just come out as large stickers. Some are also animated now, which is cool.

The blob emoji weren’t really all that long ago and since not all Android devices run the latest version(s) of the OS, a handful of you might still be using them as the default on your keyboard. If not, and you want them back, this is your best option. It’s cool to see Google preserve something like this that it knows most Android users remember and once loved. Did you miss the blob emoji? Let us know in the comment section and whether you prefer the looks of the new or old emoji. More information can be found at the source link to Google’s blog post below.

SOURCE [Google Keyword]

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