Google could merge its Home speaker with Wi-Fi capabilities in new hardware

Let us just start by saying that Google I/O is only six weeks away, and we have not received word on much to anticipate.

A new report from The Information, depicts a possible hardware combination of Google’s Home speaker and Home Wi-Fi router. The devices were introduced independently of one other in the Fall of last year at the tech giant’s Made By Google 16 event. This year, Google could be drawing up hardware that merges the two functionalities into one.

This move would make all the sense in the world, given that Google wants its capabilities to be accessible from every room of the house. It’s the underlying purpose of home automation, isn’t it? Access to what you need from wherever you are. Anyway, it sure seems like a good idea, and that if Google were to go through with, home owners around the world would discover good use for the technology. Imagine streaming music and conducting searches from the same device that’s boosting your home’s network signal. Rather than having separate devices stacked on top of one another and slowing the connection down, it would be nice to pay one price and get both in a single unit.

Google Home and Google Wi-Fi will surely stay around, and this is just a rumor, so don’t be quick to any concluding. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more. Perhaps this will be one of the things Google unveils alongside Android O at Google I/O in mid-May.

SOURCE [The Information

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