Google Home now allows owners to play out purchased and uploaded Play Music

Google Home supports Google’s Play Music service. But up until now, those who were not a paid subscriber of the service could only listen to free radio stations. Today that has changed, because all customers of Play Music can, paid or not, ask Google to play any purchased or uploaded music.

In essence, today’s update is just removing one step that needed to be involved in order to stream Play Music to Google Home. In the past, one would have to use their connected phone or tablet to broadcast to Google Home over Google Chromecast (previous Google Cast) or Bluetooth (gained in a recent update). Now, Google knows your library by heart since it is connected to one or more Google accounts and operates over Wi-Fi. This means, any music purchased or uploaded to Play Music from any device will automatically be reflected on your Google Home unit in an instant, and one can stream songs by simply asking the Google Assistant to play a song from Play Music.

When you think about it, the feature was perhaps a little overdue. We can already make calendar events and store notes using our Google account on Google Home, so it only makes sense for the added Play Music functionality to work, especially given the fact that Google Home is primarily a speaker. This means no more having to rely on other free music services and no more being forced to listen to just a short snippet of a song you love.

To make things easier for yourself if you use Play Music a lot, set Play Music as the default music player in the Google Home app, this way, you won’t have to say something such as “Hey Google, play Slide by Calvin Harris on Google Play Music,” because saying something as simple as “Okay Google, play Slide” will work, unless of course you have two songs named ‘Slide’ in your Play Music library. We hope Google will continue to roll out meaningful updates like this one in the future to help us invested users get our moneys worth.

SOURCE [Google Home Help Forum

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