Google improves the ‘direct reply’ feature on its Messenger app for Android N


Google’s new ‘direct reply’ feature received a major improvement on Messenger with the release of the Android N Developer Preview 4. The feature now shows a mini conversation within the notification bar, rather than just a simple pop-up card.

When direct reply launched on the original Android N Developer Preview, the purpose was to minimize the amount of steps needed to have a conversation. Recently, Google took it a step further. Now users are able to see several messages from the sender. And for group chats, you’ll now see what everyone has sent rather than messaged from just one person. With these enhancements, receiving and then responding to messages is far more seamless than before.

Another improvement made to Messenger banishes the auto-dismiss feature in previous builds. Sending a message via direct reply used to dismiss the message from your notification bar. With the latest update, notifications for these messages will no longer be dismissed (shown off below). However, you can always dismiss it yourself with a swipe to one side.


The new version of Google Messenger is by no means exclusive to those running the new Android N Developer Preview 4. In fact, it’ll work on anything running Android N. You can grab the APK for your compatible hardware here.

SOURCE [Android Police]

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