Google I/O 2017 + Weekly News Recap: Here are all the major headlines from the week 5/15 – 5/19

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Weekly Recap: 5/15 – 5/19

Monday 5.15

Google’s Project Treble aims to accelerate the Android version upgrade for devices

One of the many improvements associated with Android ‘O,’ the next generation platform still in development, is Project Treble. Treble, named after the musical ‘treble clef,’ is designed to streamline and accelerate how quickly manufacturers can develop and roll out firmware updates for the portfolio of existing devices. Treble will introduce a ‘Vendor Test Suite’ into the Android platform update process. By doing so, this should reduce the time taken to ensure compatibility as manufacturers develop upgrades as it separates the Android OS framework from vendor implementation. [Read More]


Tuesday 5.16

Sprint, T-Mobile said to still be in merger talks 

The financial press reported a rumor that the parent companies of America’s two smaller national carriers, Sprint (owned by SoftBank) and T-Mobile (owned by Deutsche Telekom) have continued to talk about merging the two businesses. These two businesses have been linked with merger talks on and off for a number of years, but in 2017 the political landscape has changed with the new FCC president said to be pro-merger. Any such deal would have to be carefully considered as T-Mobile and Sprint are very different businesses; on the face of it, the merger could blunt T-Mobile’s Uncarrier movement and high growth. In one fell swoop, the new combined business would become America’s largest carrier overnight. [Read More]

Tuesday was the HTC U 11 event! See all the major stories below.

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Thursday 5.18

LG Watch Sport disappears from Verizon’s shelves 

Only a few days after Verizon’s own-branded Wear 24 smartwatch went on sale, the LG Watch Sport has disappeared from the carrier’s shelves. At this time there is no official word as to they the LG Watch Sport has been discontinued, and it’s still available via other carriers. Customers who had ordered the Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch are said to have received a $100 credit to use towards another wearable device. [Read More]

Unlocked LG G6 now available to buy

The LG G6 is now available to buy in the United States from a number of sources, with prices starting at $599. The LG G6 is LG’s flagship for the first half of the year and includes a new high-resolution display, a metal build, and enhanced dual rear camera compared with last year’s LG G5 model, which struggled to sell in a competitive market. LG went back to smartphone basics for the LG G6 and has produced a high quality smartphone with few weaknesses. [Read More]


Friday 5.19

Google Assistant will soon be capable of sending money to just about anybody 

Announced at Google I/O 2017, Google Assistant will soon get an update that will allow users to not only complete store transactions, but also send money to a family member or friend. The function is called ‘Pay With Google’ and stores one’s credit information with protection. It’ll even feature built-in Android Pay so that users can use their fingerprint to validate payments. It works similar to PayPal, but requires no additional app and be done entirely in conversation by voice or via typing. [Read More]


This week was Google’s I/O 2017 Developer Conference! See all the major stories below.

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