Google is back with an upgraded Santa Tracker for 2017

Santa Tracker started a few years back, a service which permits us to follow Santa’s footsteps on Christmas Eve as he delivers gifts around the world. Like they do every year, Google has a countdown to Santa’s arrival with a myriad of games and activities to get you in the holiday spirit. This year, however, Google made things more interesting by implementing a bunch of new features, games and activities.

For 2017, Google has programmed many new games, integrations with other platforms such as Android Wear and Android TV, and many exciting learning activities. A few include ‘Penguin Swim,’ a game where users control a penguin using their device’s accelerometer, ‘Code Boogie,’ where users will be taught to code a dancing elf, and ‘Santa Canvas,’ to express ourselves through art and an online snowball fight. There are too, many others.

Only for Android, Google has added Santa Snap, which will permit the user to take snapshots of famous landmarks by navigating Google Maps with a jetpack-equipped elf.


Besides the mini-games and ability to monitor Santa’s position, Google has implemented a new section in its app dedicated to teachers and parents. This section will provide informative material on Christmas to teach kids about the festivity all around the world.

If you are interested in the above, download the Google Santa Tracker app on your Android phone or tablet, or head to on your desktop computer.

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