Google Lens is about to get a whole lot better

Google made a big deal about Google Lens during its showcase of the Google Assistant and its different capabilities back in May at the company’s developer conference. The functionality has since been brought to Pixel and Pixel 2 phones in a preview form, but could soon gain some functionality.

The bit of news from last week comes from one of Google’s engineers, Rajen Patel. Patel took it over to Twitter to discuss future potential of Google Lens. The feature is undoubtedly still much of a work in progress, and the company engineer went as far to say, “Give Lens some time to be more useful, we’re working on it.”

This is a good sign, but an even better sign came in a later tweet, where Patel confirmed some Google Lens abilities actively being worked on by the team. Soon, shopping items like apparel and home goods will be added, as well as natural world flora and fauna. The team behind Google Lens is also working to provide “AR experiences,” which could make things real interesting, real fast.

Patel didn’t announce any dates or time frames as to when the next update will arrive for Google Lens. Our guess is the Spring time, which is when Google traditionally holds Google I/O for announcements like these. The company will have to do better than it did last year, and figure out a way to get the technology in palms of not only Pixel owners, who together account for only a small proportion of the Android world. If the Google Assistant works with devices running Android Lollipop, how hard could it be to do the same for Google Lens?

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Google Lens and what it could become capable of. We’ll just have to wait the update out and hope Google brings the tech to more phones sometime soon. As always, we promise to keep you posted with the latest headlines.

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