Google Lens preview comes to the Google Assistant on OG Pixel and Pixel 2

Google Lens, which began its roll out on Google Photos a couple of weeks ago with a “preview” as demoed at Google I/O 2017, is now rolling out to OG Pixel and Pixel 2 owners.

Google Lens is Google’s attempt at utilizing machine learning algorithms on mobile devices. What that means is that Google is using vision based computing to understand what you or at least, your phone, is looking at. In essence, it’s a less-sophisticated and more accurate version of Google Goggles.

On October 4 at its Made By Google 17 event, Google stated that Google Lens would become available on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL in a preview state. Statements were made that it would be integrated with Google Photos and Google Assistant, yet when the Pixel 2 was released, only its integration with Google Photos could be found. Google stated that Google Lens would become available with its assistant within a few weeks, and it’s now rolling out in supported countries.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has the functionality already, all you need to do is bring up the Google Assistant and hover over what you would like to look up. The Google Lens update should take effect. It has been reported that there is no update needed, as the feature has been added through a server-side tweak.

If you are using any other device to access the Google Assistant, you’ll have to wait, as Google hasn’t made any statement on when Google Lens will be arriving for these customers yet.

If you’re a Pixel owner, drop a comment below letting us know if you have Google Lens, and if so, how you’re liking it from experience thus far.

SOURCE [Android Police]

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