Google Lens starts appearing as a standalone app

The last time we reported on Google Lens, Google had begun rolling out features to random users. Most of these were announced last month at the company’s developer conference. The latest update does not entail any feature roll out, but is good news and a sign of progress.

Fragmentation has limited the number of devices with Google Lens thus far outside of Pixel, but a handful of Android users have reported to us that a Google Lens icon has appeared in their app drawer. I can verify this on my up-to-date Pixel 2 XL, as the Google Lens symbol has shown up as an independent application.

By having a dedicated app for Google Lens, the search giant might be looking to increase its viability as a tool. Google Lens has been getting a lot of upgrades and still has so much potential. People are more likely to notice it as a standalone app over stumbling upon it within another app, so this is likely an attempt to maximize exposure. Inside the app, you’ll find nothing new, only the camera functions for recognizing objects and information in the real world. However, it’s probable that the app will see more functionality soon.

Google Lens has already become available in apps like Google Photos and the Google Assistant for some, and more apps could gain the feature in time. For the most part, the Google Lens app in the Play Store seems to work for devices running Android Marshmallow and newer. This means that some of you might be getting it for the first time as we speak. With more users seemingly getting access today, new apps getting the feature, and smartphone OEMs like Sony and LG bringing Google Lens support to their native camera applications, progress is starting to be made in getting the benefits of Google Lens rolled out to as many people as possible.

Check your app drawer for a Google Lens icon and let us know in the comments if you see it so we can better track down who’s getting it. If you don’t have it, we recommend checking the Play Store to see if you’re eligible. The link is below.

[Google Lens – Download Link]

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