Google Maps updated with Material Design changes

There have been many updates to go around in the Google ecosystem over the last several weeks. One service that continues to receive treatment is Google Maps. The super popular mapping service isn’t just for navigation anymore, and that became clear at this year’s Google I/O having learned about location suggestions and lots more features. Some of these have already begun to roll out, but not everything is coming at once. This week, some users are receiving a chunk update with some small feature additions and Material Design upgrades.

It may not be the update we were all looking for, but it’s a fairly large one that brings a lot of change to the Google Maps service on Android. Most changes are apparent right away if you’re used to using the app on a day-to-day basis. There are a slew of interface changes that flip over to a new Material Theme for a cleaner, faster and more organized UI.

Google has been updating many of its apps with design improvements and has just begun with Google Maps. If you’re lucky enough to receive this server-side update that is very limited and random in its roll out, you’ll get to enjoy an interface backed in a lot of White with larger, rounded icons just about everywhere you look. There are new fonts in place and icons have changed in design and color as well, but most everything functions similarly.

The Explore section receives a major revamp with a now scrolling carousel. There are recommended lists organized by location and types, as well as the same for upcoming events nearby. Users can now select from various options to refine the results by time and location of choice. There are also more categories to narrow down a search from everything like food, events, activities, shopping, hotels, and services. Tapping on any chain will open all the nearest locations and one can easily follow or share the brand and learn more about it like they would from Google Search. Like I said, it’s no longer just a navigation app. Maps is trying to be everything in one.

Things are still a bit messy in Google Maps, but this update is a sign of progress to streamline all the incoming content. We’d expect future updates to be administered that finish applying the new design language, since it’s mixed with the old in this update. With other features said to roll out in the coming months like the “For You” tab and more, we’re in for big changes and I like what I’m seeing thus far. As mentioned, this update is server-side (not an app update) and we cannot pinpoint exactly who is on the receiving end. To maximize your odds, keep the app updated and your fingers crossed. It shouldn’t be long before the changes start rolling out to everybody.

Let us know if you like what you have seen and whether you’re looking forward to future changes in Google Maps, down in the comments.

SOURCE [Android Police]

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