Google might announce its latest attempt at a universal messaging service during I/O 2018

According to a trusted source, Google is working on yet another attempt to provide Android users with a universal messaging service for modern times. The app might be called ‘Chat’ and be the search giant’s latest and final try at giving Android users the all-in-one messaging platform they’ve desired for years.

Word has it that Google’s latest effort is another messaging client called Chat. When it comes to Google, we’ve seen messaging apps die out, remain alive with little usage, and spin-off into other projects. None have been the solution Android users have wanted, and personally I’m sick of hearing about all of Google’s failed messaging applications that have tried to serve the same purpose.

I know we’ve said this before, but Google Chat might be the last shot for Google to hit a home run. Rather than including just messaging, Chat might incorporate all the means we use to communicate these days. The service could arrive at Google I/O 2018 in a few weeks, which makes sense since Google would benefit from a lot of publicity at the event.

Google Chat might just be a complete rebrand of the already existing Allo app with new functionality, design, and means to be set up. However, it could be a brand new app that’ll coexist with Allo and all its wasteful Google Assistant and self-expression fun. Chat is expected to take advantage of RCS messaging allowing everyone to use chat, universally, whether they have the app on their phone or us a regular SMS app. Google has made progress with US carriers and the RCS function in Android Messages, but Google might have a better idea up its sleeve with Chat, at least we hope.

For Chat to be successful, it needs to be a simple, user-friendly and cross-platform solution that everyone will actually enjoy using. If Hangouts and Apple’s iMessage could only merge together, we’d have almost everything we need. Combine the likes of Allo and Duo into a single service and allow them to sync across all our devices. Tie it to something other than SMS, which proved to be the enemy with Allo, but make it a way all Android users can easily connect with each other. Oh and lastly, don’t screw it up.

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SOURCE [The Verge]

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