Google might be saving its Assistant technology for the first maintenance release of Android Nougat, could be v7.1


Google released Android 7.0 Nougat publicly a few days ago, but left a handful of users wondering about features like Google Assistant, the Nexus Launcher, newly designed nav controls, and Allo, the new messaging app. As it turns out, Google might be saving all these goods for its first maintenance update, which was reported on here. Sources say it will be Android 7.1 and will first arrive in the form of a developer preview, as noted by Google itself.

Some of the best features we’ve been hearing so much about through leaks and from rumors didn’t end up making it in time for the public release of Android 7.0 Nougat. However, that doesn’t mean we’re never getting them. According to Nate Benis, an ZDA-Developer who posted on Google+, Google is holding on these features until they announce upcoming hardware and MR1.


Google has us high on their heels right now. Just two days ago, the company noted on one of its blogs that Android Nougat is to receive several maintenance updates, with the first slated for October. This is the same time we’re expecting Google to unfold their upcoming Nexus hardware, the Nexus Marlin and the Nexus Sailfish. The LG V20 is also said to be coming around this time, and has been confirmed to have Android Nougat running on board. Do you see how things are coming together?


Instead of having to wait for MR1 when the new Nexuses arrive, they’ll be the first to run it, since it’s due out around that time. This is believed to be Android version 7.1 and come in developer preview before rolling out publicly. In this update, we’re expecting all the featured goodies of Android N to arrive in addition to a handful of bug fixes and security patches to further polish the interface. The list of what to expect includes the release of Google’s Nexus launcher and Google Assistant. The Nexus hardware may or may not come with two exclusives, new navigation buttons and gestures. October would also be a good time to release the hyped-up Allo messaging app, with Google Assistant integration.


It’s all starting to come together piece by piece. We’re hoping most of these additions become embedded in the software rather than be exclusive to the upcoming Nexus hardware. This way, those already possessing a Nexus like the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9 or Nexus 6 can get the goodies coming in MR1. There’s a lot of speculation here, and only time will tell what Google really has planned for us.

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SOURCE [Nate Benis on Google+]
VIA [XDA-Developers]

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