Google now has a complete Google Assistant directory

With Google Assistant rolling out everywhere, have you ever wondered what you can do with it? That’s why Google has created a complete online directory for everything to know about the AI assistant technology that also learns from you.


You just got a brand new Google Home. You tear open the box in excitement, turn it on, set it up, and now what. You don’t know the sort of questions you can ask. Conveniently, Google has announced during CES 2018 that a new, easy to navigate directory has been created for access by everyone to explore and discover what the Google Assistant can do. And this isn’t just any standard directory, you’ll find this one to actually be helpful.

It took Google some time, but it’s finally here, a full-blown Google Assistant web directory. And not only that, the mobile directory that has existed has been revamped quite a bit. You can tell the company worked hard at creating it.

On the web directory, we’re greeted with a “What it can do” section. Here, all actions one can take with the Google Assistant are laid out, grouped by category. If you have paired smart home equipment to your Google account, you’ll also see actions broken down by what you can do each of the connected devices.

The mobile version looks rather similar now, which can be accessed by asking the Google Assistant “What can you do,” or, via the Blue icon found in the right corner of the app. It’s broken into tabs, which lead to more tabs that ultimately will navigate you to what you’re looking for. There’s also an ‘Explore’ section which allows users to discover new features and take best advantage of the Google Assistant capabilities based on the hardware you have.

We’ve included a shortcut leading to the web Google Assistant directory below. Click on it to be redirected.

[Google Assistant Directory]

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SOURCE [Google Developers]

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