Google Pay support is arriving on web

Earlier this year, Android Pay was re-branded as Google Pay. This was one of many re-brands Google had done earlier in the year, and when first announced, we were told the change would be rolled out over the coming months across all platforms. The Android Pay app had been completely revamped with Google Pay everywhere and a new layout encompassing Chrome payment information, new features, and everything in the Android Pay app. It took some time, but the name change is finally going into effect on web for most users.

Last month it was to the Google Assistant, and this week Google began rolling out Google Pay to web browsers. These include Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It’s a work in progress, but more and more users are seeing the change over to Google Pay every day. If you don’t see it yet, I recommend upgrading to the latest version of whichever browser you have, as it might just trigger the change. Wave goodbye to the old Google payment form and welcome in something a lot more clean and user-friendly.

Very soon, everyone will see Google Pay during online checkout at sellers who support the payment service. Whether you be paying on your phone or over the internet, the experience will look and be consistent to avoid any confusion like before. Once you see the G logo, completing a transaction online takes just a few clicks. Additionally, Chrome users have the ability to sync Google Pay information such as credit cards and addresses, for autofill purposes. You just have to verify your identity each time you pay, which has been simple.

Google Pay for web is fast, secure and reliable. All it needs is a few more sites to support it because right now, the online version isn’t as widely accepted as the mobile version that uses NFC. Now that Google has brought it to our attention with a blog post, maybe we’ll get an expansion or something new at Google I/O 2018— something a little more than a name change.

Shall additional browsers gain support, we’ll let you know. Share your thoughts down in the comment area.

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