Google Project Fi international coverage expands to 170 countries

For Google Project Fi, the international coverage is wider now. Google announced last week that the cellular service has expanded out to 170 total countries, and you don’t have to pay anything additional.

Project Fi will now let you know beforehand whether your next strip is covered based on upcoming international flights from Gmail. Essentially, users receive a notification from the Project Fi app shortly before any trip is scheduled to begin. It allows you to easily see your coverage options and costs so that you can plan ahead and have peace of mind that everything will work properly when you arrive. These notifications will be enabled by default, but you’ll always be able to turn them off in the account settings menu.

If you’re already on Project Fi, you don’t have to do anything to activate the expanded international coverage, it is all activated by default. To see the full list of locations where Project Fi is supported, go here or see the image below. Data is just $10 per GB and there are some new deals one can obtain with Google’s new Bill Protection plan. Plus, if you’re considering joining Project Fi, right now, you can score $80 of Project Fi service for free with a purchase of any Fi-friendly phone.

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