Google recruits Liron Damir from Essential to head up the Google Home product design team

Liron Damir has announced on LinkedIn that he is to join Google to head up the design team responsible for the Google Home portfolio. Damir has resigned from Andy Rubin’s company, Essential.

Damir is not the first high-profile executive to leave Essential even before the company’s first device reaches customers. Prior to working with Rubin at Essential, Damir worked for HP and later LG on webOS, the old operating system that launched with the Palm Pre. He also has an accomplished career at Pebble, the smartwatch manufacturer acquired and subsequently closed down by Fitbit.

Damir should be a good fit for Google. His experience with webOS includes migrating the platform originally released for smartphones to suit smart TVs. WebOS includes many features that pre-date both iOS and Android adopting them as mainstream, such as the concept of recently used applications as cards to be flicked between.

Damir’s expertise should be well placed at Google, where the company has set the tone for it’s Google Home product portfolio by showing off a connected Chromecast device used as a display for Google Home. Of course, this technology needs a well-thought out user interface, which is where Damir should fit right in. Amazon is already pushing into the smart speaker segment with Echo Show. It’s going to be interesting to see what Damir can accomplish at Google.

For Essential, this does not read like good news. The company is currently organizing to release its first two products. For the Essential PH-1 smartphone, the business is working with carriers and regulators to ensure that the device will be ready for a release. Rubin has promised that the device will be with customers in the next few weeks. Only time will tell. 

SOURCE [The Verge]

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