Google releases the Android distribution numbers for April after skipping March; Oreo rises to 4.6%

Google has shared the Android distribution figures as of April of 2018 after skipping the report in March for unknown reasons.

Google has once again updated the distribution numbers of its Android mobile operating system, as they typically do once each month. During the most recent period, Marshmallow turned downhill from a 28.1% to only 26%. Lollipop came down a few percentage points from 25.1% to a 22.9% share. Older versions like Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and KitKat, continued to see minor declines in their respective shares as well, which is always a good thing.

2016’s Android overhaul, Android Nougat, saw a surprising boost during the period capturing nearly one-third at 30.8% of the pie. This is up from 28.5% in February. This was enough to put the version in front of Marshmallow for the first time to become the most popular. Remember, this combines those on Android 7.0Android 7.1.1 and Android 7.1.2.

We know you’re curious about the Android Oreo performance, so here it is. Up from 1.1% in February is Oreo with a 4.6% share. This beats out Android Jellybean from many years ago, which now stands at 4.5%. Keep in mind that this combines those on Android 8.0 and Android 8.1 (which released publicly four months ago). This is the latest of Google’s major software overhauls that debuted last August, and has seen little adoption since, despite Google’s extra force and belief that Project Treble would make updates easier on the part of manufacturers and carriers. Hopefully we’ll continue to see the update roll out to additional hardware and come pre-loaded on new models as we move ahead to help in reducing Android fragmentation. With Android P now in developer preview, Google hasn’t solved the mystery with this iteration update, as fragmentation is at an all-time bad. A new preview appears to be coming fast, and there’s lots of catching up to do for Android OEMs and even their utmost high-end phones before attention steers to the new system upgrade.

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SOURCE [Android Developers]

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