Google could soon buy HTC’s smartphone business entirely, according to new report

HTC has been struggling, we all know that. Despite strong initial sales of HTC U 11, sales declined sharply during the month of August and the company raised revenues equivalent to $99.6 million USD. This is the lowest monthly figure achieved in the last 13 years. It’s a decline of about 51.5% from the month prior, or approximately 54.4% down from a year ago. HTC’s mobile business is undoubtedly in trouble, and according to recent reports, could soon be bought out my a major player.

The latest word is, and I know you’re going to be shocked when I say this, that Google of all companies is negotiating with HTC to buy its smartphone business unit. This bit of news comes from Commercial Times, who told DigiTimes that HTC has entered the final stage of negotiation with Google. HTC has kept positive about its smartphone shipments for many years, but this could come to an end very shortly.

So, what about the Google Pixel 2 code-named ‘Walleye?’ It’s expected to be announced on October 5 along other tech and be manufactured by none other than HTC. For now, this report holds true, as what could happen between Google and HTC isn’t likely to occur until after the Pixel 2 partnership.

Google has been trying to raise a capable hardware division for producing “Made by Google” products, ironically, and a buy out of HTC’s smartphone business might be the search giant’s next big move. The two have done business on a number of occasions including active ones, and the latest report is that the search giant is considering its options of becoming either a strategic partner, or, buying out HTC’s smartphone business entirely. There will be lots of implications if this happens; we’ll keep you posted.

SOURCE [DigiTimes]

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