Google to invest over $800 million in LG OLED displays for next Pixel phone(s)

Pixel 2 rumors and ideas continue to roll off the press, though it is a bit early to make any news official. Today’s bit of news comes from a trusted source in Korea, who states that Google is to invest $880 million in LG OLED displays to be included front and center on the next Pixel smartphone(s).

If gone through with, Google’s multi million-dollar investment would provide a boost to LG’s display division. According to recent reports, LG won’t be the manufacturer of Google’s next generation Pixel phone(s), but is interested in signing a deal to return for both Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 is possible. Although, this remains to be confirmed and likely won’t for quite some time. If you can’t help them out one way, do it another!

Google announced Pixel back in October at the Made By Google 16 event. Since, the tech giant’s phone has been back ordered multiple times and still goes out of stock every now and then at Verizon. The success of the first Pixel phone has Google looking to secure additional supply, ahead of time, for the rumored Pixel 2. According to etnews, Pixel 2 will sport a flexible OLED panel made by LG. However, LG is of yet to agree to the terms for Google’s offer of $880 million.

At the current point in time, few smartphones are composed of flexible OLED panels, the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ being two of them. Apple is also on board with the trend and has been considering a deal with Samsung in exchange for 70 million bendable OLED displays for this year’s iPhone. This move would help Google compete with some of the high-end offerings which are already or will soon be on the market.

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SOURCE [etnews]
VIA [9to5Google]

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