Google’s Datally app gets better at saving data

Over the last month, Google has rolled out a number of updates to its mobile applications. We have another one that is rolling out today that brings with improved usability and new features. Datally, Google’s data-saving app, is one of the best available for what it does, and now it’s getting even better with one of its first software updates.

Google announced several app updates last week of which we summed up here. But the search giant isn’t stopping there and is pushing an update containing several new features to its Datally app available on Android. Paying for cellular data can be costly even with today’s plans. Monthly contracts add up quickly for those who travel abroad frequently and constantly find themselves looking down at their phone. Datally helps with that by consuming your monthly data and keeping you up to date on your usage.

If you have a data plan and you’re trying to save data either to avoid throttling or avoid going over your allowance, Datally can help. Datally already works on an app to app basis so that you can conserve data in all your apps. It also helps assist users with finding nearby Wi-Fi. But now, there’s more that can help out your monthly bill starting with app detection. Datally detects apps that use data even while on standby and recommends that you uninstall them. Another added feature is called Daily Limit, which enables users to set a data cap for each day.

Another new feature coming to the app is Guest Mode, allowing users to limit mobile data when somebody else uses their phone. For the existing Wi-Fi setting, there’s also now a hotspot map detailing nearby open hotspots of which can also be rated so that other consumers can gain insight before heading to a hotspot area. While some of these features aren’t new to the industry or some device settings themselves, they’re still useful and having them all in one app is nice. Download the app from the link in brackets below or update your existing app through the Play Store. Let us know if you see the changes.

[Datally – Download Link]

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