Google’s massive Gmail overhaul is here

Google has been in the news quite a bit recently with a slew of updates ahead of its big show in May. One of the anticipated announcements at the event was a much-needed cross-platform makeover for the super popular Gmail email client. Now we know the search giant won’t be releasing it at the show, because the update is rolling out now to some.

Excluding a modern redesign that is lightweight and puts important controls up front, Google has added lots of things to their Gmil email platform across all platforms (mainly for web). It came as a surprise after one year of no major updates, but it is a much-needed one especially from a design standpoint. Although we knew about it from a report a few weeks ago, the update is now official and rolling out. Here’s what you can expect.

Some of the major changes include the addition of helpful tools to the main screen for helping users do a lot more than just read their mails. Take for example, plugins, now embraced fully in Gmail with a bunch of options including Google’s productivity services and more. For example, one can easily access their Google Calendar and/or Google Keep information while simultaneously viewing their emails in a side-by-side format. Information can even be interchanged between services. Another new feature is snoozing for users who want to be reminded of certain emails later. In unsurprising and exciting news, Gmail has also gained an assistant-like service that can remind users to reply to that important email they might have forgotten about from a few days ago. This feature is called nudge and makes all the sense to include. Other smaller, but noteworthy additions include quick access to attachments, and built-in suggestions about newsletters and subscriptions.I know these aren’t all for everyone, and only tech savvy and business users will likely make use of them, but the added benefits are handy and innovative for sure.

Google is also making the smart reply feature smarter, and users will be able to set more personalized priority settings for incoming mail notifications. The smart replies should make sending messaging faster with improvements to Google’s predictive algorithms, allowing the app to suggest a reply based on the context of the incoming message. Google includes this in a bunch of its apps, and it continues to get more accurate with time. The priority function will eliminate phone buzzes that are for unnecessary emails that might be spam or unimportant, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand with fewer interruptions. There’s always silent mode, but this should work well. Google is also improving the security and confidentiality in Gmail with a new feature part of ‘Confidential mode’ that grants senders the power to remove receiver options like forward, copy, download, or print. This ability that basically allows the user to set an expiration for any email if not read is a brand new feature that quite frankly should have been in place earlier. But, now that it’s here, I’m super excited to see it finally be implemented. This could change how all people use email moving forward. Google also has a system in place to notify users of potentially dangerous emails like phishing, for example.

I haven’t put my hands on the new update just yet, but these new features do sound like fun and I feel that they really can improve user productivity and save time as Google claims. The changes are appearing now for some on web, but not as of yet on mobile. You can enable it by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the desktop version. Hit ‘Try the new Gmail’ to get started. If you don’t like the changes, you can currently revert back if you choose. The question now is, what will happen to Google’s Inbox email client? I use it personally, though I’m now considering a switch, but will Google get rid of it? Is there a need for it now that most features have rolled over to Gmail? Google likes separate apps for everything, so we’ll have to wait and see.

More about the new upgrade can be read from the link in brackets below. Have you seen the update?

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