Google’s Chromecast Ultra brings 4k content to screens everywhere


The Chromecast has been one of the most popular options for streaming media. It’s simple, easy to set up and costs much less than other streaming players. All you need is a phone and a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Today, Google unveiled the next iteration of their streaming dongle. The Chromecast Ultra comes equipped with support for 4k and HDR video to match the increasingly high-resolution TVs and displays coming to market. It’s touted to provide fast and reliable performance with minimal buffering and smooth streaming. Like Google Home will do for sound quality, Chromecast Ultra will optimize content to provide the best video quality.


Speaking from design, the Chromecast Ultra is nearly identical to the previous generation Chromecast (pictured above): a flattened puck with a HDMI cable attached. The one difference that’s clearly visible here is the ‘G’ logo, which replaces the Chrome symbol found of previous iterations. This ‘G’ logo, standing for Google, seems to be part of their new “Made By Google” campaign, and can be found on all the products announced today. Google also added an Ethernet port to the power adapter. It’s a nice touch for those with home networks that can’t support streaming 4k content over Wi-Fi or have dead spots in their network.


High-end features often come with a higher-end price, and the Chromecast Ultra is no exception. At $69, it’s almost twice a much as the current generation Chromecast. However, it’s still cheaper than most other 4k streaming media players.

Chromecast Ultra is set to launch in November along with 4k support for Google Play movies and TV shows.

Google announced during its press event that over 30 million Chromecast devices have sold to date. Are you planning to pick up a Chromecast Ultra in November? If so, is it your first, or are you upgrading from a previous iteration Chromecast? Let us know in the comments below.

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