Google’s Pixel Launcher is now present on over 1 million devices

Google’s Pixel Launcher is now available on the Play Store for most people to install, even on a non-Pixel device. Up until now though, Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones were the only devices compatible with the launcher, unless of course you rooted and side-loaded an unofficial APK file.

People were quick to realize that the Google Pixel Launcher listing on the Play Store confirmed somewhere between 1 million to 5 million installs. Since it was just yesterday that the launcher became available to the masses, it’s likely that this number represents an estimated sales figure for how many Google Pixel smartphones have sold to date, as after-all, it was a Pixel-exclusive app. Since the statistic changed from “500+ million” to “1-5 million” installs just the other day, Pixel sales most likely surpassed the 1 million mark this week.

Google released both Pixel and Pixel XL toward the end of last year. The pair has now been on the market for close to eight full months. We understand that Google and its carrier exclusive partner, Verizon, underestimated demand. This caused massive delays, as Google was forced to produce more units of almost every variant, which then had to be tested, processed and shipped to Verizon stores.

For a large part of the year, variants have been unavailable and hard to find in the marketplace. Most of us figured that this sell out was a good thing for Google in terms of sales, but if 1 million is the true figure, we suppose not. Just for comparison purposes, each Samsung and Apple sell over 10 million units of their flagship-grade device within four or so weeks after the point of release. This goes to show how important reputation is in a crowded market.

I think it’s pretty evident that if Google and Verizon were to have forecasted better, more units would be in the people’s hands and we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion right now. The tech giant will announce two Pixel 2 smartphones code-named ‘Taimen’ and ‘Walleye’ this Fall, and will have a rightful chance to prepare better.

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