[Guest Post] Save on affordable smartphones and budget-friendly plans this holiday season

Smartphones are among the most popular holiday gifts nowadays, though many come at a high price to both the giver and recipient. But, this welcome gift does not have to be so expensive.

TextNow, one of the more popular, low-cost wireless carriers, offers great deals on Android smartphones and on unlimited talk, text and data plans. Monthly subscribers of the wireless service don’t need to pay legacy carrier prices to enjoy their smartphone experience. In fact, people have estimated that typical iPhone and high-end Android smartphone owners spend around $1,500 a year for the privilege, but this isn’t necessary.

Just as people cord-cut pricey cable service, they are switching to low-cost carriers like TextNow that offer unlimited talk, text and data packages for a fraction of the cost.

Individual customers can get access to low-priced wireless service plans at an average monthly price of $19 with TextNow, consisting of 3GB of data. Better yet, those of you reading this can take $10 off a purchase through December 31, using promo code DroidTurf. You’re very welcome!

This holiday season, you can also gain access to TextNow’s new Family Plan, which provides customers with four, contract-free pricing options that alleviate the burden of costly monthly phone bills and restrictive contracts.

The TextNow Family Plan includes designated high-speed data usage amounts for each individual plan member. This means the data overage from one line won’t impact other lines connected to the same plan. Customers receive a discount on most plans when two or more lines come together.

With flexible pricing on most data plans, TextNow allows shoppers to give the gift of a smartphone this holiday season with nobody breaking the bank.

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