Hello Moto? More like Hello to Layoffs for Moto

When a company does promising things, consumers are under the impression that products are flourishing. However, Motorola, owned by Lenovo, seems to be on shaky ground as of this moment due to the rumor that the company is laying off employees in its Chicago branch. It all started when a certain “Ex-Motorolan” posted on a website about how 50% of Motorola’s Chicago workforce had been laid off.

The finer details go on to mention the employees and the last day of their work, which is April 6 of this year. This can be problematic, especially with the company expected to introduce a bevy of new smartphones including Moto 5X, Moto Z3, and Moto G6 some soon. None of the leaked handsets popped up at MWC 2018 last month, so we presume Motorola will hold a private event in the Spring or early Summertime to announce new Android models.

The most notable is the Moto Z lineup, the company’s flagship product line, and this layoff could greatly impact its availability. Aside from the Ex-Motorolan that made the initial comments, an anonymous poster also mentioned that the layoffs are in line with the possible downsizing of the Moto brand.

Another source confirms that a third, or up to half the employees will be laid off in Chicago. Not to mention that Liangchen Chen, one of the people heavily involved in making a Moto Mod, has subtly held back from the issue and mentioned that the Moto Z team has been impacted by recent events. This would be alarming for some people, but Motorola has now reassured consumers that this will not impact the company nor its Z-line, saying that it will continue the said product line. This is good news, and we can only hope things remain good for Motorola and the remainder of the struggling Android industry. We’ll keep you posted shall we learn more.

SOURCE [9to5Google]

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