Here are the new emojis part of Samsung Experience 9.0

Samsung emojis have always looked different from those other phone manufactures use, and the trend will seemingly continue in 2018. The new line of emojis for 2018 are to come pre-loaded on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 models and eventually make way to older Galaxy phones part of Samsung Experience 9.0.

Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organization that creates the emoji symbols we all use on our phones and tablets. The organization recently introduced a new set of symbols of which will appear on Samsung Experience 9.0, sort of. Because manufacturers are allowed to tweak the emoji to differentiate themselves, Samsung has completely redesigned all nine of the totally new emojis to match their style. Thankfully, the meaning of them can still be swallowed. Some of these include Unicode Consortium’s new face icons starstruck, vomiting, exploding, and silence.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphones will be among the first to retrieve the new emojis, as part of the first Android 8.0 Oreo build that’s rolling out now. Other Galaxy owners will have to sit tight and hope that at least Samsung Experience 9.0 makes its way over soon. Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ buyers will have nothing to worry about, because the set will be pre-loaded on these devices. We’ll keep you up to date on the update’s progress here. Check out the image above for some of the visual changes.

SOURCE [Emojipedia]

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