Here’s what we know about the rumored LG V35 ThinQ and LG V40 ThinQ

LG just finished wrapping up its big LG G7 ThinQ launch, and rumors have already begun swirling around a possible LG V Series flagship coming later this year in addittion to a hybrid Wear OS smartwatch that could arrive sooner. LG V35 ThinQ could succeed the LG V30 and newer LG V30S ThinQ bringing with it LG’s rather new ThinQ branding. This is an unconfirmed smartphone from LG and was first reported by Android Headlines by way of leaked LG documentation.

Some of the specs of the rumored device have been leaked with the information, though it’s likely we have a ways to go so take them with a grain of salt. The LG V35 ThinQ could be a minor upgrade, as indicated by the number which is less than an increment of ten and not LG V40. According to the source, the phone will be very similar to the newly introduced LG G7 ThinQ in a lot ways, which has not even reached markets yet. Some specs may include dual rear cameras, a taller but narrow aspect ratio (19.5:9 or 18.5:9) 6-inch QHD+ OLED (Not IPS LCD) Full Vision display, and 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC. As with new ‘ThinQ’ branded mobiles, an emphasis is expected to be put on artificial intelligence (AI), and as far as design goes, we could be looking at a similar premium gloss finish in Black and Gray colors. Judging from sketchy renders, there doesn’t appear to be any notch, which may be retained for the G Series lineup. From all of this we can get a grasp of how the phone will look in overall appearance.

Word is that the LG V35 ThinQ will be an AT&T carrier exclusive in the US. This was hinted in the leaked data which consists of many notes about AT&T and could allow LG to reach markets faster which has always been an issue for the South Korean company. The two companies could partner up to launch this phone as early as August if the information is correct. Considering that we just got a new phone from LG, and a high-end one, it was reported that LG might hold out longer for the next LG V Series flagship. Others thought LG might move forward without the secondary flagship series that normally arrives at IFA in September. LG has been making lots of changes to cut costs in its mobile division to help its struggles, though these may have no effect on LG’s future smartphone plans other than the brand name change and release schedule.

So what are the implications? Well, in case you thought the LG V40 was being replaced, that might not actually be the case. An LG V40 is rumored and can be a whole separate device with support for all carriers. I’d say there’s a solid chance this comes out alongside the LG V35 ThinQ with some small spec modifications, since LG probably won’t have a third flagship unveil in one year. It’s probably going to be a different variant with for other carriers. Though, I’m not sure why AT&T would elect for the number 35 over 40. No further details on this model have been reported just yet.

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SOURCE [Android Headlines]

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