HTC lays off more staff in the US

HTC has had a quiet start to 2018, and perhaps this piece of news hints at why. According to a trusted source, the Taiwan headquartered company is laying off a portion of its US workforce.

HTC hasn’t generated much profit in the mobile sector, or any sector as of late. To restructure itself for a better 2018 year, the company decided to lay off a few dozen of its US employees. According to Digital Trends, all remaining staff in the US offices work for HTC Global.

In 2017, HTC was most noted for the merge of its smartphone and VR businesses. The hope is that the move will allow the company to conserve assets by working in the same offices. This is similar to what Google just did with Nest and its own hardware team, which speaking of, gained quite a few HTC employees last year in exchange of a $1 billion dollar payment from the search giant.

It remains to be heard whether HTC will launch a flagship successor to the HTC U 11 some time soon, though the company will reportedly continue making smartphones despite the emigration of employees to Google’s Pixel team. It doesn’t seem like things are on schedule for HTC because we haven’t yet seen any leaks regarding a possible HTC U 12. However, the company’s roadmap indicates at least a few smartphones that will come out this year, just not as many as year’s past.

From the layoffs, to the division merge, to the conservative smartphone plans, it all makes sense considering HTC’s recent financial losses. Right now, HTC staff are at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. We haven’t heard from them yet, but they’re likely to address the current situation and possibly introduce a new Desire phone. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for some good news.

SOURCE [Digital Trends]

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