HTC will unveil the HTC U12+ at a private event with no livestream (Update: It’s here!)

Ready for yet another flagship smartphone? HTC will be next to unveil its 2018 Android flagship in that of the HTC U 11 successor. Expected to be HTC’s second smartphone of the year, HTC U12+ or HTC U12, will make a splash during a private event in presumably Taiwan. The handset was confirmed in the company’s teaser for the event, and will be the second installment in the high-end U-series designed “for you.” HTC will unveil the phone on May 23, though there are no plans for an accompanying livestream.

HTC is one of a few Android OEMs who has been struggling to reel in profits from its mobile division. Quarter after quarter we’ve seen regression in profits and market share, despite the heroic effort with HTC U 11 that turned some heads. Many layoffs and an export of 1,000 employees to Google for $1.1 billion got everyone thinking there would be no future HTC smartphones. In later discovery, the company would continue releasing smartphones but far less of them. This year, only Desire 12 has been announced, falling in line with the new strategy. We’ve been waiting on a flagship for exactly a year as of May, and HTC is ready to give us what our hearts have demanded in hope to spark a comeback, but they are not alone. Companies are launching new smartphones left and right. With addition to HTC, we have new flagship from LG and OnePlus. This could be the only flagship from HTC in 2018, and it’ll come at a tough time to a busy market. There has been a lot of anticipation, and it’ll be interesting to see if HTC delivers on a phone that could outdo rivals this summer.

As mentioned, we’re not expecting a livestream online from HTC like past events. We don’t know exactly why, that’s just what we’re hearing from our sources who are aware of HTC’s plans. Since livestreams help spread news, this is surprising from HTC and rather dissapointing. However, details will be posted on the company’s website following the announcement and we’ll have all the coverage you need right here at Droid Turf the day of the event.

All eyes will be on HTC May 23 as fans of the company scattered about the globe have been waiting patiently for the device they’ve seen in leaksrumors and reports. Though this has given much information away, some questions still remain regarding the phone’s software, availability, pricing, and features. We also don’t yet know whether this device will be named HTC U12 or HTC U12 followed by a + sign. Whichever it be, we can’t wait to see what HTC has up its sleeve.

HTC has invited select media to a private showcase of the new handset, which is expected to be sold only unlocked. From what we know, there is no alternative option to see the announcement. If the company changes its mind and holds a livestream, it’ll be placed directly below so bookmark this page and tune in the day of the announcement. As always, you can count on us to bring full coverage, analysis and insight once the embargo lifts.

UPDATE: The HTC U12+ is official! There was no livestream. See our coverage links below:

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