HTC’s June revenues see green all thanks to the HTC U 11

HTC has had a rough couple of years due to lower than expected demand for its smartphones. Repeated mistakes, low marketing power and high prices triggered low sales of high-end smartphones such as HTC One M9, HTC 10 and HTC U Ultra. However, HTC seems to have fixed all its problems with the HTC U 11, and its June revenues prove it.

HTC has been falling apart as of late, so much so that we thought they might drop out of markets. However, the company seems to have regained its confidence with HTC U 11. According to HTC Investors, who recently reported on the company’s revenues, the company’s profits have finally made a turnaround for the better. The Taiwanese company captured its best month of the year in June with an increase in revenue of more than 50 percent when compared with May.

HTC’s downfall dates back to 2015, but with a few more months like this, HTC will be back on its feet. During the month of June, HTC was able to grab revenues of $225.2 million, up over 50 percent from May and a lesser percentage over the corresponding month last year when HTC 10 was first released. Investors have attributed nearly all the success to the HTC U 11 smartphone, which is HTC’s best-selling flagship since 2014. Lowered fixed and variable costs have helped, but the fact that HTC smartphones are now actually selling is the main driver. In fact, the HTC U 11 has already surpassed all units sold of HTC 10 in just one month of its existence, a sign of relief for HTC’s struggling mobile division.

Moving forward, HTC expects demand of HTC U 11 to stay hot due to “seasonal demand.” The company intends on marketing its flagship in more markets across the world during the upcoming months, which could keep sales where HTC wants them. With the help of a standalone VR headset said to be coming, a new mid-range smartphone code-named “Ocean Life” that could bring innovative new Edge Sense features, and Pixel 2 assembly, HTC could be well on its way to a comeback in the second half of 2017.

It couldn’t come at a better time, and every Android smartphone owner should be glad, as this almost certainly guarantees increased competition, which pushes companies to give consumers their very best, sometimes even for less.

SOURCE [HTC Investors]

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