The Huawei Mate 10 Pro won’t release on AT&T

Leading up to CES 2018, many speculated that AT&T would be the first US carrier to supply a Huawei smartphone. This followed word from the manufacturer’s own CEO, who detailed that a US carrier would carry a Huawei flagship smartphone in 2018. Huawei held a press conference yesterday in Las Vegas, but instead of announcing US carrier support like most of us expected, the company simply talked about its plans for expanding to the US without a carrier’s involvement.


The smartphone we all expected would release on a US carrier, Huawei’s “flagship” Mate 10 Pro, doesn’t appear to be going anywhere just yet. Many speculated AT&T as the likely carrier landing spot, and the news was shot down by The Wall Street Journal just prior to the company’s press conference, and ended up being true. We learned at CES 2018 that AT&T backed out of a deal last-minute, and will not sell any Huawei models now or in the near future. Other US carriers seem hesitant to make a deal with Huawei as well. The reasoning has not been clarified.

Despite what has happened, Huawei won’t turn away from the US for good. Over the next few months, the Chinese giant will continue its efforts to expand and establish more brand recognition in places such as the US, just not with the help of a carrier, which would have simplified things. Huawei isn’t known for its smartphone reputation stateside, and now it’s going to take more than just a little advertising for sure to have an impact on the market. If the company wants to surpass Apple for second place in the global market share race, they’ll have their work cut out in 2018 as there is more work to be done. For now though, it looks as if the Mate 10 Pro will be sold only unlocked. We’ll update you when/if we hear more on the company’s plans to expand.

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SOURCE [The Wall Street Journal]

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