Huawei’s 2018 roadmap has leaked, new smartphones are inbound

As a manufacturer, the last thing you want to leak is your entire annual product roadmap. This was the case for Huawei, who’s 2018 roadmap surfaced in the wild earlier this week. Thanks to it and all it glory, we have a good idea as to what to expect out of Huawei next year.

Huawei is in a tight race with Apple over second place in global smartphone market share behind Samsung. In 2018, the company has already said that it plans to expand to new markets, one being the United States. Huawei will supposedly launch “a flagship” smartphone on US carriers for the first time ever, and the leaked roadmap gives some clues as to what handset it might be.

In the image, we see three new devices – code-named Maya, Salina, and Honor 1. The triplet has been set for a quarter one launch. During the same quarter, we’ll also see widespread availability of Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10 Lite (hint, hint!).

In quarter two, the Chinese company will apparently launch three new P-Series smartphones (P, P Plus, and P Lite). During the same quarter, a new Honor phone – Honor 2 – will be made official. Then, in quarter three, Honor 3 is due out. And in quarter four to end the year, new Mate successors – Mate Pro and Mate Lite – will be made available with addition to a fourth Honor phone.

Keep in mind this is a leak, and leaks don’t always turn out true. If quarter one goes as follows, then we could reasonably expect the other three to do the same. Time will tell.

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