Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro will hit US shores via retailers in February

Last week, we reported here that Huawei worked with AT&T for it to be the first US carrier to ever carry a Huawei smartphone in the US, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. However, at CES 2018, we learned unfortunate news that the deal was apparently called off. We are yet to obtain info as to why the proposed deal crumbled, but we do know that Huawei will continue its expansion efforts with hope to stay in front of Apple in the global smartphone market share race.


Per Huawei’s Consumer Business Group (CBG), they will be making their Mate 10 Pro device available through major US electronic retailers instead of carriers. These will include Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft, Newegg, and B&H Photo Video, who will start selling the phone on February 18. It’ll be priced at $799 USD GSM unlocked (as expected) and go up for pre-order beginning February 4. Color options will include Midnight Blue, Titanium Grey and Mocha Brown. Maybe just maybe, there’s still a chance other US carriers will pick up the device if they see it sell from retail shelves.

Huawei also reported to have collaborated with Porsche and Montblanc for the Mate 10 Pro with Porsche coming up with a Porsche Design version of the phone to target fashion-savvy users. The design comprises a glass body with Diamond Black hue. It will retail for a whopping $1,225 USD. Montblanc, a world-renowned manufacturer of leather goods, made a premium leather case for the Mate 10 Pro that will be available starting in China, next month. Pricing has not been mentioned for the case, and no release information is known for the Porsche Design Mate 10 Pro just yet.

Expect Huawei to make waves in US markets during the next few months with its first devices and massive advertising campaigns. The company has its work cut out, especially since its goal has remained the same and that US carriers won’t help showcase the company’s latest device. Hopefully retailers spark some hope for what is one of today’s best Android smartphones in the Mate 10 Pro.

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