IFA 2017 Event Wrap-up: Everything you need to know

IFA is a trade show traditionally held at the beginning of every September. Tech companies based all over the world come together under a single roof to show their latest products, developments and projects. For the better part of ten years, the IFA conference has been held in Berlin, Germany, and has been one of the three apart the big trio that occur each year (CES, MWC, IFA).

Big announcements are made during this event every year, and this year’s showcase is expected to be no different. It’s where manufacturers can connect with media and consumers to show what they’ve been working on.

With all the talk, rumors, reports, and leaks heard about over recent weeks, we have accrued a somewhat good idea of what to expect. Some of the big names we discuss frequently here on Droid Turf have already confirmed a press conference. We’re talking about Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei, BlackBerry, and more. From what we’ve seen and heard, there should be gadgets of all kinds at the event, are we’ll be looking to absorb as much as we can to share with all of you!

CES was held in January and typically entails many product launches including TVs, home appliances, virtual reality gear, and audio equipment. MWC took place in February and consisted mostly of mobile technology: cell phones, smartwatches and tablets. IFA has been anybody’s guess really, as we see a large mixture of product species unveiled. Most of the time, but not always, the tech unveiled at this show makes way to markets during the fall season. The start is closely approaching so now is a good time to round-up the latest rumblings. Here’s a list of all rumors we’ve reported during recent weeks here on Droid Turf, providing clues to what may just go down.

UPDATE: IFA 2017 has now concluded and what a show it was. Expect most of the newly announced tech to make way to markets during the upcoming fall season. Below are all the major happenings that took place over the recent week.

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~ What to expect ~ 

~ Official ~

Watch the official replay of Samsung’s IFA 2017 press conference right here

Samsung announces Gear Fit2 Pro wearable at IFA 2017

Samsung has a new pair of Gear IconX, and they look pretty awesome

Samsung’s new Gear Sport is the smartwatch to have if you’re into fitness-tracking



~ What to expect ~ 

~ Official ~

Watch the replay of LG’s V30 unveiling at IFA 2017 right here

The LG V30 has finally arrived

LG V30: Here’s the full spec list

Weekly Poll: Are you buying the LG V30?


Lenovo / Motorola

~ What to expect ~ 

~ Official ~

Moto X4 officially announced: Here’s everything you need to know




~ What to expect ~

~ Official ~

Sony introduces new Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker at IFA 2017

Sony introduces a pair of Xperia at IFA 2017, the Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact



~ What to expect ~ 

~ Official ~

Google Assistant-powered smart home speakers are announced at IFA 2017

SanDisk debuts 400GB capacity microSD card at IFA 2017

Weekly Poll: Which of these companies announced your favorite product of IFA 17?

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We’re covering IFA 2017 in its entirety; stay here at Droid Turf for coverage throughout the week.

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Event Information
IFA 2017
Start Time / Date
September 1, 2017
End Time / Date
September 6, 2017
Berlin, Germany
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