Instagram will soon allow you to download pictures and more directly

Have you ever been curious about downloading Instagram content or even Instagram messages? You currently can’t, but soon you will be able to since the app will be updated with data portability in the coming months.

Instagram received two large updates in March, but an even bigger one could be on the horizon. The reason the new ability will soon be added, according to TechCrunch, is not for fun but instead because of the European GDPR privacy law which requires data portability in the case users might want to go to other social networks. The purpose of doing so is to allow for fair competition. There are no specific details yet regarding the mechanics of how this will work for Instagram, but we should learn more “in the next few months.” If this happens, and it sounds like it will, I wouldn’t be surprised if competing social networks do the same.

The ability to download Instagram content such as photos, stories and messages will be for both the Android and iOS versions of the app. Quite honestly, since this ability will be included in the app, the need for gallery-like apps could be affected. This thought was brought up by TechCrunch, and is rather interesting.¬†Another question you probably have in mind probably pertains to the quality of the photos, videos and stories once you download them. This is currently unknown and while we’d certainty hope for original or high-quality support, I don’t see Facebook (owner of Instagram) going for it.

According to TechCrunch, who spoke on behalf of Instagram, more details will be announced once the tool is launched. This leaves us time to speculate more on how everything will work once official.

SOURCE [TechCrunch]

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