Interchangeable bases for Google Home are now available


So you have the newly-released Google Home speaker, but it doesn’t quite match the tone of the room you’ve put it in. Problem solved. A variety of interchangeable bases for Google Home are now available on the Google Store.

If you remember, when Google first introduced Google Home, they told us about its variety of bases that are interchangeable. This way, owners can match whatever color and/or style they like to meet the conditions. In fact, you can buy as many as you want and swap bases in and out as many times as you’d like. Have a look at them below.


Bases for Google Home are available exclusively at the Google Store, for now. There are several available, ranging from Black to White and just about everything in-between. They also come in different textures. Fabrics cost $20 and metal bases cost $40, unsurprisingly. Pricing is more expensive than we would have liked, but hey, the option is there. Take it or leave it.

Scroll through all the available choices and view them up close at the link down below.

[Google Store]

Still haven’t purchased a Google Home, but would like too? See availability and pricing details here -> [Click here]

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