Join the DT team on July 13 starting at 12:30AM EDT for a 2-hour Android Q&A

Our July Droid Turf Connect+ live chat session will take place on Friday, July 13 beginning at 12:30AM Eastern Daylight Time. This is a great chance to chat with a Droid Turf contributor one-on-one.

Be sure to tune in during a 2-hour time slot, which will take place between 12:30AM – 2:30AM EDT! Land a chat from around the world! Chat Admins will include staff members in addition to Doug Demagistris, the Founder and current Editor In Chief at Droid Turf.

When the clock reaches go-time, locate the Connect+ page on our site or instigate a live chat via the pop-up chat window that is to become available to you from all our posts and pages.

We want to hear what you’re thinking! And we want you to hear what we’re thinking! We’re open to answering just about any questions and will, if asked, provide our personal opinion and/or recommendations on products or services. Ask us anything and we may be able to help! You have nothing to lose! Remember, this is an entirely free service, contributors are doing it solely for their own enjoyment (no pay) and the best interest of our audiences so that we can better serve you! This is your time; take advantage of it!

Do note that turnout could be rather high, and we may not have sufficient time nor staff to chat with everyone in the time window we are able to provide. The first who come will have a better chance at being served! But please, don’t hog a Chat Admin for half the session. If all seats are full, be patient, or leave us a message by dropping your name and email address. We’ll try our very best to get back to you at some point!

We hope to hold at least two live chat hours of Connect+ each month! We do realize this sounds limited, but it’s the best we can do for now. Down the road we may be able to hold additional sessions for longer durations of time. With your help and support, we’ll have a better chance at getting to this point. If you like what you hear, please share this and spread the word around, it helps Droid Turf grow. This allows us to continue feeding fresh content daily for free (say thanks by sending a small donation). Every little bit really does help! 

To see the upcoming Connect+ schedule, click here. There is where we will first notify our audiences with upcoming plans and scheduled sessions. The page is updated quite frequently and is the best source for all Connect+ notices, alerts and information. The page can be accessed from the header menu near the top-end of our site. We’ll try to keep you posted as best we can.

For more information, contact us, sign up for our email newsletter or follow Droid Turf across social media. To simply learn more about Droid Turf and who we are, visit the About Us page.

**NOTE – When using the live chat or leave a message (when offline) functionality on Droid Turf, you commit to sending any information. This data is not collected by Droid Turf but may be visible to us or the plugin’s maker. Droid Turf will not share this information with anyone. For privacy concerns, carefully read our Privacy PolicyTerms of Use and Disclaimer documents.

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Doug Demagistris is the Founder and current Editor In Chief of Droid Turf. He grew up in New York and now attends Bryant University where he is studying marketing and communication. He has been and always will be a Google enthusiast thanks to Android’s customization, flat design and exceptional integration with various Google services. Currently, Doug uses a Pixel 2 XL as his daily driver for its unique design, powerful hardware, exceptional camera, and stock experience. For shorter instances, he’ll glance at his Huawei Watch. And for more productive work, you’ll find him typing away on his Pixelbook. Doug is hopeful his productivity will make lives easier, more meaningful and help down the road.