Latest LG G7 ThinQ renders leave few secrets

Famous tipster and information leaker, Evan Blass, has once again tweeted more leaks of LG’s upcoming G7 ThinQ flagship, giving away every last detail we did not already know. The smartphone has already been confirmed and teased by LG, and is all set to launch on May 2.

Details on LG’s future smartphone have been heating up alright and we know it’ll have the ‘ThinQ’ branding. Despite reports claiming LG would skip a flagship Android smartphone this year to conserve money, we’ll be getting one after all just a little late. This may have been due to the level of competition, and products like new shades of LG G6 and a LG V30S ThinQ device were introduced while we wait. The phone said to have been begun from scratch will launch alongside an alleged LG G7 ThinQ Plus with more storage, at a private event next week.

The latest pictures show LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone, its first to come out in 2018. Every angle of the phone is shown, giving us the clearest idea thus far on its design. So much for keeping things a secret, LG.

In the rendering we see a silver-grey color variation of the phone, though there are expected to be other colors made available too. The trendy notch design is here to stay so it appears with a decent sized chin. This was up for decision for some time considering LG’s market presence and those complaining of LG copying the competition. However, this indicates LG’s movement into modern and trendy design language. LG is not the only one embracing the notch, in fact, Google’s Android P software overhaul let’s manufacturers and users tinker with different notch styles. Only a hands-on experience would confirm any software ability to hide the notch, which is very much possible.

Keeping up with mainstream design features in Android flagships, there’s a dual camera setup with LED flash like on the LG V30 and other LG models. There’s also the preferred round fingerprint sensor at the rear, indicating that we’re not quite ready for in-display readers yet. One change is the location of the volume and power buttons, which have been moved to one side of the device. As many expected there would be, an extra button is present presumably for activating a digital assistant like LG’s new ThinQ AI assistant. Word is the company will this time let users pick between it, and the more widely adopted Google Assistant (will be pre-loaded). If only Samsung could let its users do this, we’d be more happy with its flagships. Speaker and headphone jack are once again included and aligned on the bottom with a USB Type-C charging port sandwiched between them.

Evidently, the design doesn’t expose many surprises. LG G7 ThinQ must have some features to impress the general mass with something new or unique amidst the whirlwind of smartphones flooding the market. Otherwise, consumers won’t be inclined to spend their money, as we’ve seen be the case with some recent LG phones. Let’s hope this does not happen again and that LG has some tricks up its sleeve for this year. After all, the company has taken its time with this model and needs a comeback phone more now than ever. We’ll learn all about the new phone and LG’s plans for its release, next week. Keep it here at Droid Turf.

Who’s excited?

SOURCE [Evan Blass on Twitter]

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