More is learned about the RED Hydrogen One smartphone

Smartphone lovers have been on their toes, waiting to learn more about the supposed RED Hydrogen One Android-powered smartphone. RED is known for their high-end camera equipment, but just yesterday, the company’s founder, Jim Jannard, shared with us some additional information regarding plans to introduce a first-ever smartphone.

The following news was posted in the Red User Forums. The company’s Hydrogen One smartphone will use a 5.7-inch screen capable of showcasing holographic images in a never seen before (4V) mode. Jannard confirmed that glasses won’t be needed, and that the technology will be superior to 3D. Perhaps most interestingly, the handset is said to be able to “shoot and create 4V content” without any attachments.

For specifications, the Hydrogen One will boast Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor. This is a bit disappointing, since the later and greater Snapdragon 845 has now entered production. The handset will sport a built-in 4,500mAh battery cell, which can recharge using USB Type-C. There’s also said to be a dual SIM card tray with mircoSD card for storage expansion, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The company opened pre-orders in select countries last year without ever displaying units in stores. RED plans to hold an event at RED Studios later this year for the device to be displayed in front of media and consumers. From what we’ve seen in press renders and leaked images, the phone looks nothing short of extraordinary, though far different from mainstream Android smartphones in its exterior appearance. It could be thicker than what most of us are accustomed to, and weigh a bit more, but all will be worth it if this camera turns out to be all it’s hyped to be.

Hydrogen One could launch unlocked as early as this summer. RED is also working with carriers to hopefully carry the device. Let us know your thoughts on what we now know about the Hydrogen One, down in the comments.

SOURCE [Red User Forums]

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