LG announces 87 Wi-Fi connected appliances now compatible with Google Assistant

Google was right when it said that its assistant would become part of our everyday lives. Recently, Google Assistant support expanded to include headphones and a slew of speakers, and now, appliances. LG has announced that 87 of its Wi-Fi smart home appliances are now compatible with the Google Assistant via the Google Home speaker, and compatible Android and iOS devices. This achievement has been made possible by the Google Assistant SDK

LG’s portfolio includes washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, ovens, and more. LG’s blog post on the subject details how the company has the widest range of smart home appliances and this announcement now means customers have even more ways to control their home and “enjoy the benefits of a connected home experience.” Today’s news is an expansion upon LG’s announcement regarding the Google Assistant made in May, in which the South Korean company announced a number of products compatible with the Google Assistant voice technology. 

LG’s current push seemingly demonstrates how easy it is to integrate a number of smart appliances around the home and work towards having a smart living space. With integrated Google Home compatibility, customers are able to ask Google for appliance information such as cooking, dish-washing, washing times, air conditioner settings, the ice-making function of the refrigerator, among many other duties.

LG’s smart home devices can be simply and easily controlled from one application, called ‘SmartThinQ,’ available for both Android and iOS devices. The SmartThinQ app allows customers to control all of their LG smart appliances remotely, meaning customers can control home appliances or check on progress whilst away from home. Furthermore, SmartThinQ has been designed to understand a consumer’s usage patterns so it can adapt and predict certain things. For example, it can understand when to order new filters for the refrigerator or air purifier, and help customers solve lint issues with clothes dryers. 

We hope LG and others continue to work with Google to bring this kind of tech to mainstream products.


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