LG Pay might come to the US with LG’s next flagship smartphone

Last summer, LG introduced a mobile payment service in its homeland of South Korea. The service known as ‘LG Pay,’ has been operating ever since. However, only those who reside in South Korea and own one of very few supported LG smartphones are capable of using their phone to pay at checkout using the service. According to a trusted Korean source, LG Pay will make way to the US in June with the arrival of the company’s next high-end Android smartphone.

Rumors and leaks surrounding LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone are beginning to pick up. And Yonhap News, who has been right about Samsung and LG announcements in the past, believes that LG Pay will come to the US in 2018. The service is expected to be ready for June, meaning that LG will likely introduce it at the same time as the new smartphone.

LG Pay will operate similar to Samsung Pay using wireless magnetic communication technology. This means LG Pay will be accepted at nearly any existing terminal, not just those with NFC. This means LG Pay’s compatibility will be far greater than that achieved by Android Pay (now Google Pay) and Apple Pay. With this technology, holding your phone up to a terminal is just like swiping a credit or debit card. This is what made Samsung Pay so successful, as not every retailer accepts mobile payments via NFC. With LG Pay, customers won’t have to worry when shopping, whether or not their phone will work to pay. Since this technology must be included inside the phone, LG’s next flagship will be the first smartphone compatible with the service in the US.

We still don’t know what the LG G6 successor will be called, nor when exactly it will be announced. However, we’re bound to learn more about the upcoming high-end phone and LG Pay in the weeks ahead.

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SOURCE [Yonhap News

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