LG publishes ‘Save the Date’ teaser for Berlin, Germany with a big ‘V’ over it

South Korean smartphone manufacturer, LG, has released a ‘Save the Date’ card for August 31, which has a big letter ‘V’ over the front of it.

The company is hosting an event at the Berlin IFA 2017 show and this is our biggest clue that the new LG V30 is going to be unveiled on this date.

We have seen a number of rumors surrounding the upcoming LG V30 including a render a few days ago. The device is expected to include ideas from both the early 2017 LG flagship, the LG G6, and previous generation LG V-branded models, such as the LG V20. However, unlike earlier V-Series devices the LG V30 is not expected to include a secondary display, or tinker screen. This could either be because LG has used an in-house OLED panel for the LG V30 or because the company has decided that adding a secondary display adds unnecessary complexity and expense to the device.

As with the LG G6, we are expecting the LG V30 to include a ‘Full Vision’ branded display – not dissimilar to the freshly unveiled LG Q6 family of mid-range smartphones. We are expecting this to be a larger screen than seen on the LG G6. In regard to the chipset, it is unclear what LG will use for the LG V30 as the LG G6 uses a 2016-generation Snapdragon 821 instead of a 2017-generation Snapdragon 835 inside. LG may take this opportunity to provide the LG V30 with the Snapdragon 835, which could differentiate the device from the earlier LG G6 in it’s own family. The LG V30 is expected to pack a dual rear camera assembly of at least equivalent quality to the LG G6, a premium metal build, a fingerprint sensor, and a large battery. However, without the secondary display of the LG V10 and LG V20, it’s difficult to see how the LG V30 will stand out from other large-screen devices, such as the yet to come Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Finally, now that LG appears to have set a date for the introduction of the LG V30, perhaps Samsung will follow. A Samsung executive has already said that a “large screen” device could be shown off at the next Samsung Unpacked event on August 23.

SOURCE [Droid-Life]

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