LG V30 US availability and release information finally announced by carriers

The LG V30 is one of the biggest and most feature-rich smartphones we’ve heard about all year. The phone has been available in LG’s homeland of South Korea for a few weeks now, and today, some US carriers confirmed availability of LG’s new flagship.

LG has been on the beaten path for a number of quarters now, but thinks it has found some revival in the LG V30. For whatever reason, LG G6 hasn’t sold all that well, but from what it appears, demand for V30 has been average thus far.

LG will continue its efforts in carrying out a successful release of LG V30 with the United States. Some time has already passed since the phone’s official unveiling, and competitors have already begun to soak up some of the market. But, we don’t have to wait much longer for the V30!

AT&T is to begin accepting orders on October 5, just one day prior to when the smartphone will become available at store locations. Pricing goes for $27 per month over 30 months, which translates over to $810 full retail. But if you add new lines, there’s a BOGO deal for the V30 that could save you quite a bit in the short run. Not to mention, this rumor.

T-Mobile was second to confirm availability of the LG V30. Pre-orders will begin on October 5, though the handset won’t go up for purchase until October 13. Pricing for the V30 at T-Mobile consists of an $80 down-payment with $30 installments over a 24 month period. This sums to $800 retail. Verizon, on the other hand, will begin selling the phone in all its carrier store locations on October the fifth. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, though we expect it to lie somewhere in the range of $800-$850 outright. As for Sprint, details have remained scarce, though we do have confirmation that they’ll sell LG’s newest model, just not when and for how much.

More details should be on the way.

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