LG V30S ThinQ with advanced AI debuts at MWC 2018

The standard version of LG V30 has been modified to make the LG V30S ThinQ and LG V30S+ ThinQ. Yeah, that’s the name of LG’s newest phones, and they debuted at MWC 2018 in Barcelona this week as we expected alongside many smartphones from other companies. Here’s a rundown.


LG’s mobile division has been dealing with struggles. Many have been waiting for the company to rebound with a new LG G7 flagship, but the company took a turn by not announcing one at this year’s trade show where it normally does. Part of the reason is because the company is starting from scratch to make a new mobile in June, and also because Samsung took all the attention away with its new Galaxy S9 phones. Instead of announcing a new flagship this week like usual, the phone which will be re-branded as an entirely new flagship is expected to launch later this year. We thought we might get an LG V40 at this week’s event, but that’ll have to wait as well. Instead, LG showed off new colors of LG G6 and LG Q6, as well as revised versions of the already released LG V30, designed for 2018, which is sort of what we found out a few weeks ago.

The new LG V30 models for 2018 are simply revamped LG V30S on the inside, add AI, and just about everything else has been kept the same. It’s similar to the LG G6+ was, which came after the LG G6 to satisfy some customers waiting for a new flagship phone. Except, this isn’t exactly LG’s new flagship for 2018 many were hoping to see. Despite that, a new LG V30 was expected since the company teased it a few weeks ago. The LG V30S ThinQ features ThinQ, which is what LG is calling its integrated AI features. This is the first LG phone to feature any kind of built-in AI, which will be a major selling point once the handset reaches markets. There are a few small features that are new as well including a new ‘Bright mode’ to boost low-light photography when taking photos

ThinQ is a familiar name, which was introduced as a platform for all the smart appliances of LG everyday consumer products. With the vision of becoming a human-centered AI company that puts consumers first, LG’s vision for ThinQ is to promote artificial intelligence as an approachable and less intimidating technology. LG began working on making differentiated and intuitive AI-based solutions for the most commonly used smartphones features more than a year ago. With a particular focus on the camera and voice recognition, the resulting Vision AI delivers a smarter camera on the new phone that is easy to use, while Voice AI significantly enhances the breadth of spoken commands in the latest smartphone to best assist you.

Some new features include the Vision AI-enabled camera, which enhances the capturing experience. Another is Voice AI-enabled LG-Exclusive Voice Commands. As for the phones, there’s more storage space with 128GB on LG V30S ThinQ and 256GB on LG V30S+ ThinQ. That’s the only spec that separates the two new models apart from each other. However, both up the standard LG V30 with more RAM, the new features as explained, and new color options including Moroccan Blue and New Platinum Gray. It’s not exactly enough to upgrade, unless of course you’re coming from a device that’s at least a year or two old. No availability or pricing information has been announced as of yet.

LG is showcasing the devices at its booth if you’re still in Barcelona and want some hands-on time.

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