LG’s Google Assistant-powered ThinQ Smart Display is now up for pre-order

Google announced Smart Displays at CES 2018 near the start of the year. The search giant mentioned the idea would be open source for third-party OEMs to produce creations of their own. Later in the show, LG among a few others announced their plans to come out with a Smart Display. Since then, the race has been on for who could be first to reach the market to take on Amazon, who I can’t imagine is too happy following the release of Echo Show. It appears LG will be next with its Google Assistant-powered ThinQ Smart Display.

The LG ThinQ Smart Display Touch Screen Speaker (WK9) is now up for pre-order, but only at B&H Photo Video. This is the first device to board Google Assistant with a touchscreen, other than an ordinary phone or tablet. Additionally, LG’s version of the Google Home, LG ThinQ Google Assistant Speaker (WK7), is up for pre-order.

Pricing has been set at $300 for the Google Assistant device with a touchscreen, and $200 for the Google Home speaker clone. Since this is only a pre-order, don’t expect either to be on your doorstep in two days. B&H hasn’t even mentioned when exactly the new devices will begin shipping, nor become available. In fact, LG is yet to list the devices on its own site for sale.

The prices are higher than we anticipated they’d be, especially for first-generation products. Compare the speaker with Google Home, which will probably get updates faster, and you’re still paying roughly $70 more. Hopefully the devices will ship by the summer and we’ll get a hands-on for you to pass along what exactly comes in a Google Assistant Smart Display other than what we already know.

Worth the money?

B&H Photo Video [LG Smart Display] [LG Smart Speaker]

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