Mix and match three unlimited plans at Verizon

Verizon Wireless is doing something interesting with its unlimited plans for families. As of Monday afternoon, the carrier added a new “Above Unlimited” data plan that can be mixed and matched with the existing Go and Beyond plans. Everyone is eligible.

Verizon is doing a lot to keep its position atop the US wireless service podium other than planning for the 5G revolution. With other carriers making moves in recent weeks, Verizon is joining in.

A new “Above Unlimited” option is a $95 single line tier that will co-exist with the current $75 and $85 Go and Beyond monthly plans. While its expensive, subscribers of this plan will enjoy benefits such as faster “unlimited” data speeds and half a terabyte of free cloud storage. Those on this plan can also use their unlimited data in 130 countries for up to five days each month at no extra cost! This is called ‘TravelPass’ and could make for big savings and much more for a whole lot less if you travel frequently.

Verizon is also allowing families with multiple lines to mix and match unlimited plans. In other words, you can have different tiers for each family line. One member of the family can have the new Above Unlimited plan, another can have the Beyond plan, and someone else could have the Beyond plan. You don’t see this. Ever. And of all carriers, it’s surprising to see Verizon be the one. There are no limitations to the amount of devices and you can always adjust a line at the end of the month.

While the new Above Unlimited plan won’t be everyone, the three options have something for just about everyone and the prices are fair. If we find out something we don’t know, we’ll let you know. The plans are available now and you can head to your Verizon store to sign up. More information can be read over at the source link to this article. Let us know your thoughts on these plans down in the comments and if you want to see other carriers offer the same this summer season.

SOURCE [Verizon]

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