Moto Z3 Play, Moto G6 Play join Amazon’s Prime Exclusive line

The Amazon Prime Exclusive line of smartphones continues to grow with more options. This week, Amazon added two of the newest Motorola devices from Lenovo, adding to the company’s collection available on the program. The brand new Moto Z3 Play and the company’s Moto G6 Play have been added as the latest options and are available for pre-order.

Moto Z3 Play is the higher-end of the two with a premium design and upper mid-range specifications. It’s the nicer of the two, but will be the tougher sell with similar options on the market. The handset was just announced two weeks ago, and this is the first appearance of it since. Coincidentally or not, the unlocked Moto Z3 Play went up for pre-order today on the Motorola website for $499.

If you buy the Moto Z3 Play through Amazon’s Prime Exclusive program, you’ll save $50 and pay only $449. In exchange, Amazon buyers will have to put up with some pre-loaded Amazon apps, the newest being Amazon Alexa. Personally, I’d be willing to pay up for Alexa so Alexa plus a discount is a no brainer. Unlike other Amazon apps, Alexa is a favorite among a lot people and these devices will help Amazon reach more consumers via the smartphone app in keeping up with Google’s digital assistant.

Also making its way to Amazon’s Prime Exclusive list of phones is the Moto G6 Play. This phone is one of three in the Moto G6 series and isn’t yet available in most places outside of Amazon’s program. It’s similar to the Moto G6, which is also available on Amazon. However, the Play model is priced more affordably at $189 because of its basic set of features, cheap design and budget specifications. In cast you’re wondering, this is a $10 discount from the standard unlocked model. Part of the reason for the smaller discount could be because ads are no longer being placed on the lockscreen.

Each the Moto Z3 Play and Moto G6 Play come in one color and are unlocked to work on most US carriers. The phones will begin shipping next week once released on June 29. Hopefully more brands will join the program soon.

Amazon [Moto Z3 Play] [Moto G6 Play]

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