Motorola FCC filing indicates Moto C2 smartphone with Android Go

A recent FCC filing by Motorola has hinted at an upcoming Moto C smartphone. The Moto C2 has been rumored for some time and like the original Moto C, will be a low-end device with branding from Lenovo’s subsidiary Motorola. However, it seems that the device will be powered by Google’s Android Go OS.

This week, the Moto C2 stopped off at the FCC for its last certification. This of course indicates that the phone won’t be far off. We don’t know about the handset’s pricing nor its specifications, but we can confirm that the device will have US availability presumably unlocked (rare for Android Go phones).

We’ve already heard about the possibility of a low-end model from Motorola in the Motorola One Power. This is believed to be an Android One device while the Moto C2 could be a separate and unrelated device with Android Go. Android Go is Google’s program for low-end devices with little RAM. They are affordable phones that get updates fast, have clean and lightweight software, and come with Go versions of apps that take up less space and consume less data. Both phones could be released very soon in the same markets with the Moto C2’s addition of the US. Hopefully soon we’ll get a better idea of the make up for this Moto C2 smartphone and its price tag.

Looking ahead, Motorola has a variety of Android smartphones coming. Besides these two phones, we’re waiting on new Moto Mods and a premium Moto Z3 flagship. With Moto G6 phones reaching markets now alongside Moto Z3 Play, Motorola is bringing the house with all these phones to get back on track this year. Stay tuned to learn more.

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