Motorola unveils batch of new Moto Mods at Hello Moto World including a 360 camera attachment and gamepad

At the Hello Moto World event today, Motorola announced the new Moto Z2 Force smartphone and some new Moto Mods accessories including a Gamepad mod and 360 camera mod for Moto Z phones. Let’s take a look. 

For the uninitiated, Moto Mods accessory are snap-on modules that fit onto the back of any Moto Z smartphone. The module includes all necessary software and drivers, and can connect without any reboot or powering off a supported phone. Moto Mods connect to Moto Z smartphones via a magnetic arrangement on the back and an open connector. When Motorola released the original Moto Z, they showcased a number of new Moto Mod accessories including cases, battery packs, a projector, and JBL speaker. Since then, Motorola has encouraged many third-parties to produce Moto Mods of their own. 

The first of the new Moto Mod bunch has already been revealed, which is a 360-degree 4K-resolution camera accessory called the Moto 360 Camera. The camera module retails for $299 and is currently up for pre-order here. Units will ship once the gadget becomes available on August 10, the same day in which Moto Z2 Force will make its way into retail stores.

The mod contains two high-quality, wide-angle (150-degree) 4K-capable cameras plus a microphone array. As there is no internal storage or battery for the Moto 360 Camera, this means the unit is powered by the Moto Z smartphone and all videos and pictures are stored on the device. The Moto 360 Camera also includes a feature Lenovo is calling ‘immersive 3D audio,’ which means the audio follows the direction of the viewer. In addition to uploading footage into the Google Photos service, the Moto 360 Camera will include live streaming functionality for many current social media platforms.

The second Moto Mod announced in full detail today is the Moto Gamepad. This Moto Mod accessory includes a 1,035mAh battery that Motorola claims will provide up to an extra 8 hours of game time with Moto Z2 Force. The gaming pad includes dual control sticks, a D-pad and four action buttons. The Moto Gamepad is available for pre-order here at Verizon’s website for $79, and will begin shipping August 25. 

Motorola introduced the JBL SoundBoost at the 2016 Moto Z introduction, and for 2017 the company has also announced a second generation model. This accessory is described as providing “high-quality JBL stereo sound” from dual 27mm speakers. There’s a built-in kickstand and battery that should provide 10 hours of use, and the unit is finished in a splash-proof coating. The JBL SoundBoost 2 is available today at a price of $79. Verizon is even offering an exclusive Red color variant, available here

Motorola also introduced the Moto TurboPower Pack, which is a fast-charging battery pack for the Moto Z family. The battery pack adds “an extra day” of battery life to and can recharge the Moto Z at up to a 15W rate. The Moto TurboPower Pack itself is also compatible with fast charging technologies; Motorola states that the device can be recharged to 50% in just twenty minutes. It’ll be available “soon.” 

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